5 Killer Mobile Marketing Strategies

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Here ares some interesting statistics: The average American checks their phone every twelve minutes. And according to Pew Research Center, 95% percent of Americans own a cell phone and 77% of those mobile devices are smartphones. Factually, your potential consumers can most often be found on their phones. Which means, you need to develop a highly effective mobile marketing strategy that successfully engages your audience with the right message just at the right time.

Here are five tips on how to create successful mobile marketing strategies:

Combine social media, apps and ecommerce

Your audience doesn’t stay in one spot. It is busy browsing and moving from one social media outlet to the next. From desktop to smartphone to tablet and back again. Convey a cohesive and consistent message at every touchpoint so that your brand will be recognizable wherever your target audience is at any given moment. Both Pinterest and Instagram enable customers to browse and purchase items in-app within seconds, offering a quick and seamless shopping experience.

Personalize your advertising

While it is important to convey a consistent brand message across platforms, it is no less important to personalize your appeal. Access to deep data about your potential customers’ interests enables you to customize your approach. For example, if you know you are dealing with a Millennial whose leisure time hobby is trekking, you can send them a personalized offer for trekking equipment. Or as a travel service provider, you can offer a potential customer who has just read an article about Mexico, a  special vacation package to Acapulco.

Location-based advertising

Advertising based on location is even more effective. It takes the personalization aspect a step farther. Taxi apps use GPS to connect a driver to a potential passenger in real time. You can send your customer an ad offering 50% off on a favorite product just when they are passing by your store. Some algorithm-based marketing systems pinpoint location- and time-based advertising opportunities, enabling you to find your target audience at exactly the right moment.

SMS based marketing

Another popular aspect of personalized advertising is mobile SMS marketing. On an average, the SMS open rate is around 97%, making it the optimal channel to reach your customer on a one-to-one level. Based on smart data, you can offer your potential buyer a product that you know they want at a special price. The SMS is short and to the point, without unnecessary hassle or too many words.

Understand your mobile audience

While the smartphone is ubiquitous and may constitute a fairly obvious marketing channel, your advertising must be both targeted and sophisticated. Keep in mind that your audience, whether it is Millennials, Gen Y or Gen Z, is mobile and social media savvy. They have little patience for run-of-the-mill marketing appeals that take more than a few seconds to read. To really involve your audience, make your advertising original and fresh, and never stop innovating.