5 Ways to Increase Conversions on Landing Pages

Landing Page

Landing pages are one of the methods used to turn website visitors into actual customers. What makes a good landing page? How can a brand convince the visitor that it is in their best interest to fill out a form and move on to the next level of involvement?

One of the main things to remember is that you only have one chance to create a really good first impression, so plan your landing pages well. Here are some basic tips on how to build a landing page that will help your visitors along on their journey to brand involvement:

Keep it clean and simple

Users like a clean page with a concise message. So, both graphics and content should be kept to a minimum. There should be a logical sequence to the sections, and the form should be kept as short as possible. As the content is crucial, keep your graphic design simple and airy, with appealing colors. Avoid shades that might be depressing or heavy.

Grab attention at the get go

Your headline and sub-headline should rivet readers by telling them what your brand can do for them. Keep your headline short (about 10 words) but make your message punchy and incisive. If your visitor wants to read the rest of the landing page, all the better. But if not, make the beginning strong enough to send them directly to a powerful CTA.

Make every word count

Content on a landing page is crucial. Make sure your prospective client is the focus, rather than your product. Discuss what the prospect is lacking and how your product can resolve his or her problem. Supply testimonials of satisfied customers who describe how they used the product to resolve their problem. A testimonial can take the form of a video, in which the customer describes ways their company used the brand product to develop their offering.

Create a killer CTA

Ultimately, you want all roads to lead to the CTA. Make the button noticeable by enlarging it and coloring it. Make the CTA compelling: Avoid boring CTAs like “read more” or “submit.” If you can, mention the value you are offering in the CTA.

“Contact Us” details

Landing pages should include ways to contact your company, whether it is an email, telephone number or live chat option. The role of the landing page is not just to create one-time value but rather to generate an ongoing, trustful relationship that will lead to a loyal, long-term customer. Encourage your prospective customer to contact you and initiate a dialogue.